Payday Loan in the bank – be vigilant! Ways of life.

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Payday Loan in the bank – be vigilant! Ways of life.


A little more about Taking a Mortgage


I still have to add a little more about taking a mortgage. Because in all this stress, intercourse and emotions you can sometimes overlook something, but you have to control the documents and fees you receive from the bank, which, after granting the loan, the bank accrues on your account.


We have a problematic name, but this happens only in situations when someone reads quickly, carelessly and without understanding. That was also the case with our mortgage loan for the purchase of a flat. First, there were errors in the contract. The contract had to be improved. Then they sent us ATM cards with an error in the name. We left the cards to the bank branch, the next several days to wait for the ATM cards to arrive with the proper name.

We had the impression that the employees of the bank in which we were taking a mortgage were not very competent, because they certainly did not really want to check the correctness of the data. But that’s nothing. We signed the documents about granting a mortgage and for a month we were the holders, or rather people paying off the mortgage, until suddenly it turned out that we have a completely different account than the account that was on the contract with the bank. How did this happen? Well, if you take a mortgage, the bank will be very happy to oblige you to set up a personal account that is needed to service this loan. And this is a normal and simple situation to understand. Our account after 4 transactions with 1 payment card was free (and we have 2 ATM cards, that is, you had to remember to make 8 transactions in a month with a payment card). Of course, we watched the sanctity, not to pay anything for account servicing. And suddenly, one day I check my bank account status and see that there is a fee of PLN 50 “for keeping a bank account”.


A little more about Taking a Mortgage


“But how? After all, the bank account was to be free …. “. Crap, it’s just 50 zlotys, but for us, at the time it was 50 zlotys, our hard earned 50 zlotys. My inquisitiveness caused me to go to the bank branch, where the employee said with strange expression that it was impossible.

Impossible I thought? And dialed the helpline number. And there it turned out that in this bank they set up a completely different account to us than we have in the contract. It is a pity you did not hear my conversation with the Lord on the helpline. It looked something like this:

  • We have an X account in your bank in connection with a mortgage. And the account was supposed to be free, but I see that we were charged a fee of PLN 50 for account maintenance – I say almost desperately to the telephone handset.

Sometimes in life you can feel like in a comedy. You sign a bank account agreement with X, and they set up a Y bank account. Then I really did not laugh. I was outraged by the situation, most of all the fact that it was the bank employee who set up the account who created a completely different account than we agreed, and later claimed that it can not be repaired. As it turned out in a dozen or so days … the situation has been fixed. However, it is worth keeping vigilance in every situation.


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