Help with payday loan debt -Where to apply for the best debt consolidation loan

Where to apply for the best debt consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation loan is a financial liability that will facilitate the repayment of debt. The combination of all currently regulated loans via is a chance for a lower monthly installment and a correspondingly longer loan period. On the other hand, such a venture should not be confused with a debt relief loan, although the operating mechanism is very similar. Although the consolidation loan is meant to help us with the return of debts, by deciding on a new commitment, we will get rid of them but will put in order our current financial situation.

Ranking of consolidation loans

The best consolidation loans

Lujan offers the best interest-bearing consolidation loan (RRSO = 7.57%). The funds needed to pay off other financial obligations can be provided even within one day. every customer also has the opportunity to receive extra cash and spend it on any purpose.

White provides consolidation loans up to PLN 200,000 without insurance. The liability repayment period is a maximum of 10 years. In addition, as the only of the few banking sector institutions, he also offers consolidation of payday loans. The actual interest rate is 14.29%.

Other products

Bergan makes it possible to combine existing liabilities into one consolidation loan with a guarantee of a fixed interest rate. The repayment of the loan can be divided into 108 installments and the customer deciding for services also receives a chance for additional cash (APRC = 20.95%). 
The consolidation loan in Dusen is an interesting proposition for those who want to pay one low installment per month. The bank offers 0% commission on the number of funds consolidated and the possibility of additional cash for any purpose.

Floydian grants consolidation loans up to PLN 200,000 for up to 10 years. The advantage of this solution is the lack of commissions on the number of funds consolidated and the opportunity to apply for additional money. Each client can choose a convenient repayment date for the financial liability installment. The offer is addressed to people from 18 years of age who have adequate creditworthiness. 
Consolidation loans with an attractive interest rate (APR = 11.03%) can be suggested by Pols. The maximum loan amount is PLN 120,000 and the loan period is 10 years. In addition, a person who uses the services of Pols may also apply for cash in the amount of up to 25% of the value of repaid loans.

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