Debt Consolidation Loan Interest Rates -Covenantpressc.Org Sat, 21 Dec 2019 15:38:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Loan via the internet without credit card Sat, 21 Dec 2019 15:38:14 +0000 What to do if you really need money, but the banks do not want to give you credit? Very often loans are sought by people whose creditworthiness is not in the best condition, because, for example, they had a problem with paying off installments on time, be it by forgetfulness or difficult financial situation. What should people do in this situation? It is worth looking for loans online without BIK.

What is BIK?

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The credit information bureau SA is a company that collects and processes information on credit history. If you take a loan from a bank in any form – a mortgage, a classic loan or even installment equipment, you automatically go to the BIK.

This has its positive side, because if you pay loans regularly, your creditworthiness increases. Thanks to this, you can apply for higher loans in the future. However, as we all know, in life it is different and often there is a situation in which we are unable to pay the loan installments on time, and thus you may have a problem with getting another loan.

However, today many non-bank companies offer loans online without BIK. This is a great alternative for people who have a problem with taking a loan from a bank or are looking for alternatives to classic loans. We recently wrote about the benefits of internet payday loans on the blog.

Are online loans without BIK secure?

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Many people ask themselves this question. Opponents of this form of loans may hear the statement “if the bank does not want to grant you a loan, it means that you should not take it.”

Unfortunately, we all know well that financial institutions have their own, often complicated laws. Sometimes they refuse credit to people whose financial situation is really good. And unfortunately, seeing the rejected loan application, you do not know what is the reason for its negative consideration.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the fact that often online loans without BIK are taken for smaller amounts. Often people literally need several hundred zlotys, in addition for a short period. In this situation, a loan without BIK is not only more convenient but also much more profitable.

Loans for those in debt without BIK

Loans for those in debt without BIK

Even if you have mainly debts on your account, thanks to online loans that do not check your situation in BIK you can get additional funds.

You just fill out the form. It usually takes about 15 minutes. After completing it, you usually do a verification transfer. It aims to confirm the accuracy of your data. If for some reason you are not able to make a verification transfer, then often companies offering online loans without BIK are able to verify the accuracy of your data in a different way. If you don’t make a transfer, you can expect a phone contact within a few hours. However, if you make such a transfer, in many cases the money will simply go to your account.

What distinguishes online loans without BIK?

credit loan

First of all, using such loans:

– You minimize formalities – you fill out the form in a few minutes, not a few dozen. Usually, nobody calls you to interview you.

– Money is quickly in your account. The waiting time for a transfer is much shorter than for traditional loans.

– Flexible form of credit – you specify the exact amount you want to borrow. You can take a loan for the amount of several hundred zlotys and several thousand.

That is why online loans without BIK are so popular. They are much more convenient than traditional loans.

Is a loan without BIK possible if you have a bailiff?

Is a loan without BIK possible if you have a bailiff?

Many people wonder if they can afford a loan when a bailiff has entered their bank account. Here, a lot depends on the services of which company offering non-bank loans without BIK you want to use. A significant number of companies offer their services even to people whose bank accounts are charged with a bailiff, at the same time it is worth contacting the company whose offer you are interested in before you start filling out the form.

Credit despite negative credit score Thu, 28 Nov 2019 22:40:05 +0000



Despite the negative credit rating , it is not possible to obtain a loan through classic banks and banks, because under these circumstances the prospective borrower has no creditworthiness, which would make lending too risky for the lender. However, the situation is different if the borrower can provide additional collateral in the loan agreement and thus also to the lender.

Popular assets among people with low credit are, for example, guarantors or a car already paid off. The guarantor is liable by his signature under the credit agreement for the debt of the borrower, which, however, is given priority. Only when the borrower is in default of payment or can no longer settle the installments in full, the guarantor is actually used by the bank as a liable. Without at least one of these two securities a loan is not possible despite negative credit rating via a professional bank.

Consider private loans

Consider private loans

In this case, borrowers just remain borrowing through a private, familiar person from the immediate area. This group of people can certainly act as a lender, whereby a lending is, of course, only possible if the private lender also has a sufficient income or savings reserves. In these cases, the personal relationship to each other is much more important than the credit rating, which is why the circumstance of unemployment and the negative credit rating rating can be largely ignored.

Usually only small or micro credits are possible with foreign lenders that is a little different.

Usually only small or micro credits are possible with foreign lenders that is a little different.

Personal loans, for example, provided through a loan portal, where private borrowers meet with private lenders, are usually assembled via crowdfunding. So it serves a larger mass of people as lenders, while the borrower is a single person.

Disadvantages of foreign lenders

Disadvantages of foreign lenders

In this way, not only the credit is possible despite negative credit rating , but also an acceptable loan amount. The lending is only done here in the rarest cases to help people out of financial distress. The motivation to “invest” in the borrower by lending a loan with a call for interest is often more the desire for a higher return than traditional banking products offer to investors.

The fact that many “investors” invest only a small three-digit amount in a borrower, but spread a larger sum of money in total, the risk remains in a manageable range. If the rating in the credit rating is negative and the rating is not favorable, borrowing may not be possible.

Debt consolidation loan fast -Where to apply for the best debt consolidation loan Tue, 16 Apr 2019 14:30:06 +0000 Where to apply for the best debt consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation loan is a financial liability that will facilitate the repayment of debt. The combination of all currently regulated loans via is a chance for a lower monthly installment and a correspondingly longer loan period. On the other hand, such a venture should not be confused with a debt relief loan, although the operating mechanism is very similar. Although the consolidation loan is meant to help us with the return of debts, by deciding on a new commitment, we will get rid of them but will put in order our current financial situation.

Ranking of consolidation loans

The best consolidation loans

Lujan offers the best interest-bearing consolidation loan (RRSO = 7.57%). The funds needed to pay off other financial obligations can be provided even within one day. every customer also has the opportunity to receive extra cash and spend it on any purpose.

White provides consolidation loans up to PLN 200,000 without insurance. The liability repayment period is a maximum of 10 years. In addition, as the only of the few banking sector institutions, he also offers consolidation of payday loans. The actual interest rate is 14.29%.

Other products

Bergan makes it possible to combine existing liabilities into one consolidation loan with a guarantee of a fixed interest rate. The repayment of the loan can be divided into 108 installments and the customer deciding for services also receives a chance for additional cash (APRC = 20.95%). 
The consolidation loan in Dusen is an interesting proposition for those who want to pay one low installment per month. The bank offers 0% commission on the number of funds consolidated and the possibility of additional cash for any purpose.

Floydian grants consolidation loans up to PLN 200,000 for up to 10 years. The advantage of this solution is the lack of commissions on the number of funds consolidated and the opportunity to apply for additional money. Each client can choose a convenient repayment date for the financial liability installment. The offer is addressed to people from 18 years of age who have adequate creditworthiness. 
Consolidation loans with an attractive interest rate (APR = 11.03%) can be suggested by Pols. The maximum loan amount is PLN 120,000 and the loan period is 10 years. In addition, a person who uses the services of Pols may also apply for cash in the amount of up to 25% of the value of repaid loans.

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Help I Get No Loans Fri, 08 Mar 2019 14:37:41 +0000

Does it feel that your financial situation rolls down a steep slope with the gas in the bottom and into a dark bottomless abyss? Have you felt tempted to shop for credit and installment and have taken other loans here and there to get the economy going around? Do you continue to apply for loans from all possible banks, lenders and brokers in an attempt to collect everything but do not get a loan granted anywhere?

Quiet. This can be arranged if the will exists. We who work as administrators at the loan broker Rosalind talk to customers in this situation daily and have therefore developed this guide for how you can do to check your loans and your finances, among other things by improving your credit rating.


Stop searching for loans

Stop searching for loans

The first thing to do is stop searching for loans or buy things on credit and installment. Since you already have existing loans and applied for loans in many different places, your credit risk has most likely hit the ceiling. If you continue to apply for a loan, only more and more credit reports will be taken that will continue to destroy your creditworthiness and the possibility of obtaining a collective loan for good terms will only be postponed in the future. So don’t look for any more loans and don’t let anyone take credit information on you. You can even contact UC and ask them to block your social security number so that it will not even be technically possible. A better alternative at this stage is if you have a close relative who can take a good collection loan with you or for you in order to lower your costs that can give you breathing space. But still keep reading for tips and advice on how to improve your financial situation.


Here’s how to get control of your current loans


Instead, take a step back and try to get an overview of how much loan you have and what they cost you each month. Do this:

  1. Find out what you have for a loan – It will give you a good overview of your current loans and credits, any payment notes and when they disappear. Here you also see which credit requests are made on you. These are registered for 12 months and then they disappear. Look at your latest credit report and count 12 months ahead so you know when all credit reports are gone – but often you do not have to wait so long but maybe it is enough to wait 6-8 months. Please inquire about this. If you also have payment notes, you should preferably wait until these have expired if you want the market’s lowest interest rates. However, if you have high interest rates on your existing loans (over 15%) then it may be a good idea to wait 6-8 months from your latest credit report and apply for a loan thereafter. Several lenders that lend money to you when you have payment claims can offer relatively low interest rates (from 6.75%).


  1. Call around to all lenders – Now that you know how much you have in loans and to which banks and lenders it is, you should pick up the phone and call them all (you can skip the bank where you have a possible mortgage in this phase). For those lenders where you have an unused credit, you should ask them to close these for you. These have a negative impact when you apply for a loan. At the lenders where you have borrowed and credit you should find out 1) how much debt you have left , 2) the effective annual interest rate on the loan, and 3) the number of months left on the loan . Importantly, it is not the nominal interest rate you receive but the effective one since it also includes fees that are linked to the loan.


  1. Start counting – Open the attached excel file called “My Economy”. Above three numbers you should plot into the yellow columns in the tab “Overview of loans”. In column A, starting in cell A14, you should erase what is already there (Lender 1) and replace it with the real name of the lender. In cell B14, enter the amount you owe to that lender. In cell E14, you must specify how long the term is left on the loan for months. There is space in this calculation for a total of 13 lenders. Say you have loans from only two lenders. Then you should put cells B16-B26 to 0. C / E16-C / E26 cells should be set to 1. Column IL will then automatically calculate how much you have in total debt, which cut rate you have on all your loans, what these cost you every month in repayment and interest and what the total interest cost of these loans will be in the end. Don’t forget to save the file on your computer so you can return to it later!


  1. Now you have a look at the loans – Now that you have a clear picture of your loan situation, you know that the ambition later on is to find a collection loan at a lower interest rate than your current average interest rate that will give you a lower monthly cost than your current monthly cost and preferably also a lower total interest cost over time.


Here’s how to get your finances in order in general


Now in the short term, you must first get your finances in order, so that you can manage to pay for the loans as they are when you cannot get a collective loan at the moment.

  1. Lock in for a few hours – send the children away, turn off the cellphone, the TV and anything else that can distract. Sit at a table and bring out the account statements and old bills.


  1. Now go to the tab “Overview of finances” in the same Excel file. Find out exactly how much you have in income after tax each month (usually be pay after tax and any child allowance). Check the account statement if you are unsure. Count on all the income you have to move with. Enter the source of revenue in the cells A2-A10 and the actual amounts in the cells B2-B10 in the tab “Overview economy” in the Excel file. There are already some prescribed examples. You should, of course, delete these and replace them with your own numbers.


  1. Then look at your bank statement and the old bills. You can plot your monthly costs according to the specified main categories in the same sheet. Delete the examples and enter your own costs. Take a cost item per line. The file automatically calculates your costs.


What did you get for the net result at the bottom of the file in line 189? If it is a positive figure then the calculation holds. The money left over should be used to pay extra (amortize) on the most expensive loans you have. If it is a negative figure, it means that you go back every month and have to take off saved funds or borrow to get the economy to go around. If so, you are faced with the following choices:


  1. Can you reduce your costs anywhere because your revenue minus your costs should be a zero or any positive result?


  1. Is there anything you can sell to increase your revenue? Mutual funds? Furniture? The car? The motorcycle? Find a cheaper accommodation?


  1. Is there anything you can do to get more salary? Work extra? Change jobs? Ask for a pay rise?


  1. In the worst case scenario, you can talk to your current lenders and ask them to extend the maturity of your loans so that you get a lower monthly fee. This is not preferable since in practice this means that your total interest expense over time will increase and that it will take longer to get rid of the loans. But it is sometimes a necessary evil. The lenders will usually be bothered by such a question but they will bring with you if you insist on two reasons: 1) they do not want you to end up in a situation where you cannot pay off their loan and 2) they will make more money when your total interest expense goes up. So insist on an extension so they usually go with it.
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Payday Loan in the bank – be vigilant! Ways of life. Tue, 05 Mar 2019 08:44:56 +0000


A little more about Taking a Mortgage


I still have to add a little more about taking a mortgage. Because in all this stress, intercourse and emotions you can sometimes overlook something, but you have to control the documents and fees you receive from the bank, which, after granting the loan, the bank accrues on your account.


We have a problematic name, but this happens only in situations when someone reads quickly, carelessly and without understanding. That was also the case with our mortgage loan for the purchase of a flat. First, there were errors in the contract. The contract had to be improved. Then they sent us ATM cards with an error in the name. We left the cards to the bank branch, the next several days to wait for the ATM cards to arrive with the proper name.

We had the impression that the employees of the bank in which we were taking a mortgage were not very competent, because they certainly did not really want to check the correctness of the data. But that’s nothing. We signed the documents about granting a mortgage and for a month we were the holders, or rather people paying off the mortgage, until suddenly it turned out that we have a completely different account than the account that was on the contract with the bank. How did this happen? Well, if you take a mortgage, the bank will be very happy to oblige you to set up a personal account that is needed to service this loan. And this is a normal and simple situation to understand. Our account after 4 transactions with 1 payment card was free (and we have 2 ATM cards, that is, you had to remember to make 8 transactions in a month with a payment card). Of course, we watched the sanctity, not to pay anything for account servicing. And suddenly, one day I check my bank account status and see that there is a fee of PLN 50 “for keeping a bank account”.


A little more about Taking a Mortgage


“But how? After all, the bank account was to be free …. “. Crap, it’s just 50 zlotys, but for us, at the time it was 50 zlotys, our hard earned 50 zlotys. My inquisitiveness caused me to go to the bank branch, where the employee said with strange expression that it was impossible.

Impossible I thought? And dialed the helpline number. And there it turned out that in this bank they set up a completely different account to us than we have in the contract. It is a pity you did not hear my conversation with the Lord on the helpline. It looked something like this:

  • We have an X account in your bank in connection with a mortgage. And the account was supposed to be free, but I see that we were charged a fee of PLN 50 for account maintenance – I say almost desperately to the telephone handset.

Sometimes in life you can feel like in a comedy. You sign a bank account agreement with X, and they set up a Y bank account. Then I really did not laugh. I was outraged by the situation, most of all the fact that it was the bank employee who set up the account who created a completely different account than we agreed, and later claimed that it can not be repaired. As it turned out in a dozen or so days … the situation has been fixed. However, it is worth keeping vigilance in every situation.


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Credit Cluster Consolidation-Fast Credit Redemption Sat, 02 Mar 2019 14:24:22 +0000


 The accumulation of loans, a fall in monthly income, can pose many financial problems because they increase your debt ratio and can push more than one home in the spiral of over-indebtedness.

You have taken out several loans over the last few years, the end of the month is difficult, the debts accumulate and you wonder how you will be able to lighten your monthly payments and get by with all those loans to repay that plague your budget.

Of course these loans (home loans , consumer loans, car loans, motorcycle loans, revolving credit , loans , loans or other personal loans ) have in most cases been contracted in several different banks, which makes their management difficult.

With Wise Men of Gotham, our teams advise you and guide you to find the best solution for easy credit buyback (or pooling of credit) to reduce your debt and restructure your finances . Whether the annual percentage rate of charge (APR) of your credit is a fixed rate, or a floating rate, we can find a solution from your creditors for all your outstanding credits.

Finding a balanced budget can also find a normal life without money problems. To stay (rent), to warm oneself, to light oneself, to feed oneself, to get dressed, to move and the various loads are not any more then worries in the daily newspaper. But even more, the borrower can also find a saving capacity, even minimal, which allows him to look to the future with serenity. Household appliances to replace? A repair to make on a vehicle? An unplanned expense to hire? The savings made will make it possible to meet them without request for financing and without worry.


Decrease your Debt Ratio

Decrease your Debt Ratio



The principle of the repurchase of credit is simple , you group together all the loans which you repay currently, to pay only one monthly payment , less expensive than the sum of the deadlines which you must pay at the moment.

You benefit from better rates because we have banking partnerships with exclusive credit institutions that allow us to obtain very low interest rates. The repayment period is extended by several months to reduce your debt ratio. The total outstanding principal amount of all these loans is collected in one loan, used to repay each of these loans at one time. It then remains for the borrower to repay the single credit, but at a rate mostly lower and especially for a longer period.

Noted that people Posted in Bank of France or banned banks can collect their loans under conditions and only if they own their property. The status of civil servant offers additional guarantees and facilitates the acceptance of a refinancing application.

Loan buyback insurance is generally advisable for taking out a contract with a lender, as the cost of credit is often very important.


Buy your Credits Easily 


And if you collected all these loans to form a single term? That’s what we offer here, thanks to the loan buyback . In addition to repaying only one monthly payment, it allows you to renegotiate loans, and increase repayment terms, which will allow you to reduce your debt ratio significantly (with a decrease in interest rates). ). You will see your purchasing power increase , and you may even have new projects through this renegotiation.
It is also possible (after simulation and study of your file), to ask in addition a cash which will be included in your regrouping of credits (always only one monthly payment to be refunded therefore).
Do not hesitate any more and ask for a study of your file, by filling this form of request . Fast response ensured by a unique and qualified advisor.


Types of Redemption



We talk about ” repurchase of real estate loans ” when the borrower gathers at least a mortgage and a consumer credit.




The repurchase of consumer credit says the redemption of tenant credit the most common operation, which is to consolidate into a single loan several consumer loans.


Differences Between Repurchase and Renegotiation


It is important to make a point on this difference because there can be confusion between the 2 terms.

Repurchase of real estate credit : this is in fact the consolidation of at least one mortgage and at least one consumer credit. This is what we offer on our site. A redemption of credits must therefore include at least 2 credits, with a capital remaining of at least 15,000 euros.

Real estate loan renegotiation : we are talking about renegotiating our loan when you are looking to reduce the rate and therefore the monthly payments of a single immo loan. In most cases, this renegotiation is done with the bank or you have taken out the loan.

The repurchase of credit

You have two or more credit offers from many different financial institutions? You want to minimize the amount of your monthly repayments to avoid being subscribed in the list of Ficp or also to avoid a situation or an over-indebtedness file? The loan consolidation application, in other words the request to buy back credit may be a reference solution that will help you out of this bad financial situation.


Loan Consolidation, the Ideal Solution



Credit Redemption, Consolidation, Restructuring or Loan Consolidation is a financial offer by which a bank buys all your credits, ie your business credit, revolving credit, home loan, personal credit, and other , from your different financial institutions.

In this sense, the bank in which you subscribe to a credit application makes available to you one and the same credit dedicated to repay Bank Operations. That said, a credit redemption application can help you collect your different types of loans, including auto loans, home loans, consumer loans, and more, with a better depreciation rate.

In addition, the loan consolidation also reduces your monthly payments by offering you a lower credit rate than the average rate of your innumerable credits before. In a nutshell, it allows you to build up a supply of money, by offering you a single type of credit that corresponds exclusively to your ability to repay. In order to find the offer with the ideal credit rate, you can either make a redemption simulation before making an online loan or use the services of a financial advisor.


Credit Redemption, ideal for who?


In general, the credit redemption is for anyone who has contracted at least two types of loans such as consumer loans, car loans, home loans, revolving credit and who wants to collect them to reduce their monthly payments, avoid thus a file of over-indebtedness and also avoid that their name appears in the FICP.

That said, not everyone enrolls in this financial transaction for the same reasons. For example, you can consider a request to buy back a loan, with an early repayment to serve as additional cash to finance a personal project that is important to you, in case you have already subscribed to other types of loans. from a credit institution. In this sense, you can opt for the purchase of consumer credit.

In addition, the purchase of credit can also be the ideal solution as credit works, home loans or professional credit in the realization of all the work of renovation of your home, your office of work. In addition, you can also opt for this solution in case your income has recently decreased and you can not subsequently assume your repayment capacity.


A Mortgage Buyback or a Mortgage-free Buyout



The mortgage loan purchase, also called mortgage loan can be done in the case where you own a real estate to put as collateral and you have a home savings.

In other words, to group all of your loan types into one credit, you can opt for the mortgage if and only if a mortgage on your real estate secures the transaction or the loan application.

That said, if you are awarded the title of acceding owner, that is to say if there is an immo credit that is not yet repaid in its entirety, you can either carry out a repurchase of mortgage and a repurchase consumer credit, either only make a repurchase of consumer credit, with a prepayment or not. In the first case, by putting your real estate property as collateral beside your consumer loans, you then choose the mortgage loan.

That said, this type of loan will free you from Home Loan Insurance, real estate rates and lending rate that are included in your old home mortgage. In the second case, if you are not persuaded to put in guarantee your property, with the offer of insurance mortgage loan it is only then a repurchase of credit conso. In any case, you would always be a housing savings for real estate vote.


The Credit Broker to find the Best Credit buy Offer

The Credit Broker to find the Best Credit buy Offer



After a long consultation with your financial advisor, you have finally decided to apply for a loan, to consolidate your personal credit, your car loan, credit work etc. All that remains is for you to find the best buy offer for your financial situation.

To do this, as a debtor, it can be very useful for you to use a financial specialist, including a credit broker to help you get the best buyout offer with the ideal zero-rate loan, repayable each year. . Indeed, not all credit buy-back offers are the same for each borrowing capacity and also for the different financial institutions. Some only offer you real estate mortgage buybacks, consumer credit buybacks, other than mortgage loans.

Some offer a buyout offer at a higher loan rate, others offer a loan offer at a more affordable depreciation rate, and so on. For all this, in order to have a quick and clear overview of all offers of credit buybacks, the expertise of a real estate broker, the professional Bank Operations is essential.

After collecting information that allows you to detail your financial situation, including notary fees, it offers the ideal credit institution for an offer to buy credit at an effective rate adapted to your situation, and revisable or not according to the nature of your contract. The Loan Simulator or Credit Simulation can also provide you with an Online Loan Advisor, an online broker to look after your credit report online.


Redemption of Credit, many more Advantages than Disadvantages


Subscribing to a Loan Offer, after proceeding with a Credit Simulation or Loan Simulator brings you more advantages than disadvantages. Thus, credit consolidation allows you to simplify your situation by offering a single monthly payment, at a fixed date.

It allows you to better manage your current account and thus have a reserve of money or a pleasant economy in your savings account. It also allows you to benefit from a lower loan rate, as a zero rate loan, with a better amortization schedule.

Of course, the redemption of credit is often accompanied by a fall in the overall effective rate. It allows you to deprive you of heavy real estate rates in your mortgage, notary fees involved in the preparation of each type of loan, etc.

In addition, it also reduces the costs of various insurance as death insurance in the preparation of your records. Indeed, only one credit insurance is sufficient for a single fast credit. Thus, you do not need to subscribe several insurance, such as life insurance in the repurchase of credit.


Credit Redemption Simulation to find the Ideal Offer


In addition to the financial expert, the credit broker, you can also do a simulation to find the online loan offer or the ideal online credit buyout offer for your cash need, in unforeseen circumstances.

In this sense, the loan simulation is available is to simulate your credit application so that it can be compared from a credit comparison allowing you to find the ideal financial institution that will offer you the repurchase of credit with the rate overall workforce, revisable each year, the borrower insurance, the amortization table, the total cost of your credits with the best depreciable rate that may exist, etc.

In addition, online simulation also allows you to have quick credit in just a few clicks. In short, with an online simulation, you can easily simulate your application before obtaining the necessary information for your borrowing capacity from a credit comparator.

Indeed, the redemption simulation offers an online broker service that will search for you the financial institution able to offer you the loan formula best suited to your situation, while offering you the devices favoring your borrower status , from your credit comparison.

The loan simulation allows you to benefit from many advantages namely the borrower insurance, the savings booklet in case of need of cash in unforeseen events, credit insurance, the total cost of your loans, its effective rate, etc. .


Online Application


If you wish to redeem your credits , we propose you to make an online request on our site . We will get back to you as soon as possible to analyze your situation, your project and the possible solutions. The credit redemption simulation is of course FREE and WITHOUT COMMITMENT .



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Intermediate Private Loans Q2 2015 Sat, 19 Jan 2019 14:14:42 +0000


During the second quarter of 2015, helped several thousand customers to review their blank loans, car loans, credits, installments and we helped many customers with the cash contribution to their first housing.


Ambition is to be able to offer competitive blank loans to customers

Ambition is to be able to offer competitive blank loans to customers


Whose situation causes interest rates of between 3.5% and 30.00%. In that interval we want to be able to find new loans that are as cheap as possible for the customers and find replacement loans that the customer can use to pay for existing more expensive loans; We do this by letting our partners / banks compete for our customers.

In general, it can be said that the customers who end up in the lower part of the interval are often two applicants (main applicant and co-applicants) with stable finances and low UC scores. It is misleading to generalize, because the conditions are set individually, but to give a clue, “stable” economy means that you have been at the same workplace for a number of years, that you have a gross salary (salary before tax) of over SEK 20,000 per month and that your current debt / equity ratio is not high. That description fits most Swedes today and it is therefore no wonder that the distribution of interest that our customers have received looks like it does in the graph below.

The graph shows a small selection of 400 customers that we have made from all the loans that provided during the second quarter of 2015. Although we limited the number of customers in the sample, this is illustrative, we think, that the majority (52%) of our customers during Q2, the interest rate was between 3.5 and 7.0%. If you currently have an interest rate of more than 5.5%, and you know that your finances are stable, then we recommend that you look over their loans – provided you have not done so too recently.

Since the end of the second quarter, we have the opportunity to help customers with payment remarks and we are proud to be able to make a change in people’s lives, which due to payment remarks to a large extent are otherwise excluded from the Swedish loan market.

We at humbly thank our customers for the confidence we get each time they give us the assignment to review their credit situation. At the same time, we thank our partners for the outstanding job you do and the opportunity you create for us at to help our common customers.


Few examples of the results of our work during the second quarter

Few examples of the results of our work during the second quarter


For explanatory reasons, we have omitted names and personal data. Information about what the customer had before our work is based on what the customers themselves have said. The application date is stated. We would like to point out that the interest rates we mention in connection with the credit companies / banks we name are in no way representative of these credit companies / banks. We also do not say that these credit companies / banks are in any way better or worse than the partners we have. In Sweden, however, it is very difficult to find the right bank on your own and therefore many people have worse conditions than they could have.

2015-04-07 Customer collected their loans, received a collection loan through us of SEK 200,000 with an interest rate of 6.39% to pay SEK 170,000 which he had on Norwegian with “high interest”, SEK 30,000 with SEB with 7.5% interest and 30,000 at Ikano with 9.0% interest. Total loans and lowered their monthly cost from about SEK 6,000 to SEK 1,998.

2015-04-08 Customer paid 56,000 on a credit card with 11.9% interest with a loan she received through us at 5.39%. Lowered the interest rate by 6.51%.

2015-04-10 Customer paid off a loan he had on SEB of 190,000 with an interest rate of 8.2% with a loan he received through us at 5.39%. Lowered the interest rate by 2.81% to SEK 190,000.

2015-04-13 Husband and wife took a down payment loan of SEK 350,000 from us with interest of 5.97% after receiving a rejection from their own bank.

2015-04-16 Customer paid off a loan and a credit card debt. The loan was SEK 119,000 with 13% interest and the credit card debt of 31,000. Got the full amount from one of our partners of 8.3%. Total loans / credits, lowered their interest rate by about 5%, and the monthly cost from SEK 4,160 to 2,665.

2015-04-21 The customer received a collection loan of SEK 80,000 through us which she used to pay off loans from Klarna, Jotex, Halléns, “and more”, while receiving SEK 30,000 over which she wanted to use to take driving license. Collected their loans and despite the fact that the loan was SEK 30,000, we lowered the monthly cost by SEK 400.

2015-04-22 Husband and wife applied for a loan through us to collect their loans. Got a collection loan through us at 300,000 by 3.75% to collect loans and credits.

2015-04-27 The customer had SEK 250,000 in credit card debt with Nordea with an interest rate of about 10% and received a compensation loan from us with 5.39% interest on the entire amount. Lowered the interest rate by 4.61% and saves over SEK 11,500 just the first year.

2015-05-05 The customer collected his loans through a loan proposal we produced and paid for “mixed loans and credits” of 200,000 with 3.95% interest.

2015-05-06 Customer paid off two loans with Nordax, 100,000 with 6% interest and 122,000 with 11%, through a collection loan of SEK 222,000 from us at 4.45%. Collected two loans and lowered the monthly cost from SEK 4,500 to 3,518.

2015-05-20 Customer paid a loan of SEB of 250,000 with 13% with a new loan which she received through us at 5.39%. Lowered the interest rate by 7.61%.

2015-05-22 Customer paid a loan of 7% interest with a loan which he received through us at 3.95%. Loan amount SEK 250,000. Interest saving over the term of the loan of approximately SEK 56,000.

2015-06-01 The customer wanted to collect six loans. Got a collection loan through us at SEK 90,000 with a 5.4% interest rate. Reduced its monthly cost from SEK 4 500 to SEK 2,729. SEK 1,771 lower monthly cost and total 6 loans.

2015-06-03 Make and wife got the chance to solve their loans and credits through the loan proposal that we got. Total loans and credits with a loan through us of SEK 300,000 with 4.34% interest .

2015-06-04 Customer had four very expensive loans totaling SEK 130,000 with 30% in interest that he “dreamed of” to get together. Received the full amount from one of our partners with 8.90% interest. Could raise four loans, 21% lower interest rate, corresponding to about 25,000 in interest rate differential, only the first year .

2015-06-09 Customer had 14 loans and credits and did not think it was possible to collect them. Got 150,000 SEK granted with 8.90% interest and could pay off many of their loans. The customer was very happy, to express himself mildly. The monthly cost was $ 14,000 for his current loan and could have paid off many of them. Monthly cost for the new loan was SEK 1,992.

2015-06-09 Got a 0.15% lower interest rate through us than the customer had at one of the big banks – the loan was redeemed. 4.95% instead of 5.10%. Solved the loan even though the difference was small; why not? There are no hidden fees, this particular bank does not charge a lay-up fee and they also offer payment-free months if you would need it a month that you do not get the economy to go around.

2015-06-17 Issued a loan with a 22% interest rate with a new loan that we raised with 11% interest. Interest rate halving; 11% lower interest rate.

2015-06-23 Helped customer with payment note to get a loan of SEK 85,000 that customer used to pay the corresponding amount at Cash Buddy, Thorn and two credit cards. Collected their loans.

2015-06-24 Total loans totaling 220,000 with interest rates above 10% with a loan she received through us at 7.8%. 2.2% lower interest rate of SEK 220,000.

2015-06-30 Customer paid a loan of SEK 100,000 with Nordax with 16.9%, a small loan of SEK 48,000, and received SEK 52,000 for a renovation when she collected her loan from one of our partners. The new loan of SEK 200,000 had an interest rate of 5.75%. Lowered the interest rate of SEK 100,000 by 11.25%, total loans and received the increase she needed.

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